Accessing paid tech knowledgebase (for free!!!)

Its really frustrating sometimes that these communities like expert-exchange, event-id charge for a community response. I think it should be free! Anyway, i found a nasty way to access some of these information for free.

How to?
Firstly, you would probably do a search engine for a said problem, then, most likely these “paid” websites would pop up in your searches, great, but when you access, they ask to sign up and sign up requires $$$. Well, try this now, GOOGLE’S CACHED pages. Do the same search based on the keywords on that particular website/page then most likely that actual page may appear in google. Now, instead of clicking what you would normally click in google, click the CACHED link below. And viola! the page is free for you to read.

Note that the cache may be outdated tho…so, this is for cheapskates like me but if you like their service, subscribe lah…

Only your imagination is limited to whatmore you can do with it… 🙂