Asterisk 1.8 Google Talk Inbound Caller ID (CallerID)

If you need to send the proper calling party’s caller ID to a phone when using GoogleTalk, follow the below dialplan. Without any setting, the caller number is set to UNKNOWN and only the CALLERID(name) field is sent with something like [email protected]/Talk.v10471914EB6E. So we tweak the dialplan to show the correct caller ID. Put this dialplan anywhere in your Google incoming dialplan and you should see the calling party just nicely. exten => [email protected],n,Set(Thiscallchan=${CALLERID(name)}) exten => [email protected],n,Set(CALLERID(name)=${CUT(Thiscallchan,/,1)})

exten => [email protected],n,Set(CALLERID(num)=${CUT(CALLERID(name),@,1)})

Here’s what you will see image **Assuming here, that your diaplan starts with the email address like in a post i did previously below, otherwise, change that accordingly, or change stunningsimplicity to any incoming GoogleVoice email that is expected to land on asterisk. We remove as it will not quite work with your phones as it will try to do a SIP/IAX @ gmail call. It’s best to prefix some characters for gmail outbound calling, and in my sample configuration below, i do a g* followed by a google name to dial as we add @gmail in our outbound dialplan. So you can add for incoming a g* automatically like below exten => [email protected],n,Set(CALLERID(num)=g${CUT(CALLERID(name),@,1)}) And so because we add a g the CallerID(num) field will change to g*sanjayws (where sanjayws is the calling party from an original string received like [email protected]/Talk.v10471914EB6E). Now a person receiving the call can simply redial.