Black progress bar when playing recordings from FreePBX website(s)

Just wanted to quickly write this tip. When accessing FreePBX recordings or in any case, playing a QuickTime embedded video via a browser, the indication bar shows all black making it impossible to see the progress bar and what not. image This is somehow a bug in Windows 7 and/or Apple Quicktime. I’ve made a support incident on Apple’s website, waiting for a response. The quick workaround around this is to run your browser in compatibility mode such as Vista SP1, 2.. I personally don’t care, but some customers may just raise an eyebrow. So those who want this “fix” do this below. How to? Go to your Windows Start button, look for the affected browser/link (must be a link not the exe itself), right click, properties and select compatibility, enable the compatibility by selecting Vista SP1,2…then reload the browser. You should see it now. image Cheers and have a good weekend.