Exchange 2007 Service Pack 2 (SP2)

What to look forward to Exchange 2007 SP2 (these are the ones i really like, there are more of course)

  1. Enhanced Auditing – Not sure what’s brewing for this but in itself is great news. Exchange seriously needs to sort out and “humanize” their Audit trail logs. I had to go through hell just to know if someone logged with privileged rights to open another user’s mailbox. I will be very happy to see what’s installed for us in this SP2 auditing enhancements. Disgruntle employees perhaps need to read this before they “take over” the CIO’s mailbox again…
  2. It allows you to do backups straight away like what was available in MSbackup for ex2000/03 on Windows 2008 (called in box backup)

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Wait ..PowerGUI?????? what the..@@@@???!?!

Microsoft makes powershell and made Windows management as slick as the unix people do. Reading through the blog post of the Exchange team, i saw a post that made me search a little and verify.
Quest comes up with a GUI for powershell (slap head) called PowerGUI. MS makes a powerful scripting language to slowly but surely replace that bulky GUI that was lugging around since Ex03 and now Quest makes a GUI for those scripts? Tsk tsk tsk.
Anyway, i never like Quest or their tools! They make smart admins stupid and stupid admins look like Bill himself.
And like my colleague Frank Rovers say, GUI is the primary factor why novices “think” they are experts, goes and pokes around and messes things up!