FreePBX 2.11 and Asternic mp3/database conversion/update post recording script

Hello all, got a confirmation from Nicolas on Asternic and FreePBX 2.11 and as suspected, its no longer needed to apply the post recording patch called anymore. FreePBX 2.11 has already a place to add a post-recording script (which is what the patch from Nicolas/Asternic does anyway in the older versions). All existing patches won’t work on FreePBX 2.11, just so you know. Now, it is done more elegantly 🙂 and you won’t have to keep patching when there’s a new release of  FreePBX Core/Framework or updates. Here’s how:

  1. Read Asternic’s INSTALL file, when it comes to patching, do this instead if you’re using FreePBX 2.11 only, all other lower versions please use Asternic’s guide
  2. Log on to FreePBX
  3. Click on Settings | Advance Settings
  4. Turn on Display ReadOnly Settings & Override Readonly Settings like below (be sure to check the tiny checkbox after changing each field)
  5. Click Apply_Conf
  6. Refresh the page by hitting F5 or similar on your browser
  7. Now, under Developer and Customization, locate “Post Call Recording Script”
  8. In the empty field there, paste this exactly like this below;

    /usr/local/parselog/ ^{UNIQUEID} ^{MIXMONITOR_FILENAME}


  9. Again, be sure to hit that tiny check and then apply_conf again, and you’re done.
  10. Also, you might want to turn on the setting that enables it to convert to MP3, it is in the file /usr/local/parselog/
  11. Also also, be sure to set the correct Database Username/Password there and the location of the folders in which the records will be converted or moved exist and has the same rights as Asterisk daemon user
  12. I’ve had numerous times had to create arbitrary files in the “dest” directory first then do #chown -R asterisk:asterisk /var/spool/asterisk/asternic (where asterisk is the user/group which the asterisk daemon runs as)
  13. Follow the rest of the INSTALL guide
  14. NOTE: This is applicable for incoming calls, the outgoing call method is still the same, done via dialplan, and if you want a how-to for that too, here’s how
  15. Be sure to set your queues to record in WAV!, Enjoy Asternic!

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