Fring Me (Asterisk and Nokia Symbian special mention)

Here’s a piece of software i must blog about, its called Fring. I just got a Nokia N80 recently and of course, i wanted to stuff the phone like what we did to the turkey in Christmas, but with software. The company i work for specializes also in VoIP technology and it was quite difficult to get the N80 to “talk” to Asterisk at first, but eventually got it working.

Nonetheless, i found this very exciting new software (still in beta) called Fring. It combines the capability of VoIP in SIP and other P2P/IM software like GoogleTalk, MSN and Skype. All in one tiny piece of excellent codes.

Currently, it only supports Nokia (Symbian). The best part of it all, its real easy to setup and use. It has all the basic needs for a simple text messaging to voice calls right from your mobile. I did a test with Marco the night i installed it and connected it to my WiFi and the sound quality is pretty decent (i called Marco using MSN). I then tested registering Fring to my SIP UDP Asterisk rental business box and it worked like a charm first time :).

Ok, here are the top ten things i like about Fring:

  1. Supports Asterisk (or any IPPBX that supports SIP – UDP)
  2. Supports WiFi
  3. Works great (stable) on my Nokia N80
  4. Works just superbly with MSN, Skype and GoogleTalk
  5. Simple, straight forward registration (they’re nice enough to send you an SMS on how to install straight onto your phone)
  6. Combines all your contacts from the supported services/providers above into one single list
  7. You CAN connect to normal landlines and/or mobile phones
  8. Their ICON
  9. Its FREE
  10. Best of all, the voice quality is very decent (and the IM texts are crisp clear 😛 ), no lags and echoes on most occasions

Download and install now: |

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  1. Hey there i have a htc and i just got fring on the phone. I’m trying to register the sip extension to my asterisk box but i cant seem to get it to work. What user name password and proxy settings should i use. I presume the user name is just the extension number but there example has a [email protected]. What should it be then with asterisk. The password is your secret in the sip conf on asterisk and the proxy is your asteris box ip address. well that is the way i tried it but cant seem to get it working. I’m not familiar with it. Can you help?

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