Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox non standard port (e.g. Port 79, 6000)

Was trying to access some ports on a customer’s website which someone mapped it to 79. 79 is normally used for finger. For Internet Explorer, it works out right. This doesn’t work for Google Chrome and Firefox (out of the box)

Well, for Firefox users, there’s a solution. Here’s how

Unblocking/allowing ports in Firefox
  1. Launch Firefox
  2. Go to the address bar and type about:config. Firefox will complain about some warranty just click ok or “I’ll be careful, i promise” button
  3. Anywhere inside the list of configurations, right click and say New –> String
  4. In the string value, enter then click OK
  5. It will now ask you what port, say 79 or whatever port you need to have firefox access. Click OK.
  6. And try again to the website you want to access. These settings should remain forever.
For Chrome, we’ve got some bad news, it is not possible to access certain ports. This is confirmed by Google Chrome team members. The only way is to get the hosting site to change and not to use following ports.
Chrome banned ports: look under the kRestrictedPorts directive.