Google Voice on Asterisk 1.8 bug is now fixed!

When Asterisk 1.8 was released, it had a perfect integration with Google Voice service. Sometime in the 4th week of November, this broke and Gtalk worked (calling other google accounts) but calling Google Voice (e.g calling to US numbers for Free), didn’t.
I just saw this fixed in Digium’s bug tracker here
Here’s how i got my current working Asterisk to apply the patch. I am sure there are more “polished” ways but this just worked for me
1) Go to your Asterisk source directory, mine is #cd /usr/src/asterisk-1.8.0
2) Go to the channels directory #cd channels
3) Backup the original chan_gtalk.c to somewhere # mv chan_gtalk.c /usr/src/somebackup
4) Get the patch # wget
5) Rename it #mv chan_gtalk.c?revision=297958 chan_gtalk.c
6) Go back to asterisk source main directory #cd ..
7) # ./configure
8) make && make install
9) Stop and restart asterisk # asterisk –rx “core stop now”
And voila! Google Voice worked again, just dialed a friend in US for free <joy>, my dialplan had exten => _1. I dial straight from my Deskphone!
Perfect! now lets enjoy our weekend,
PS> If you want some (flexible) dialplans, here an article that can help you. Go to

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