How to make FreePBX updates through Proxy

SInce FreePBX does not honour the proxy settings via the bash export, you need to tell Apache instead to use a proxy. This would apply for FreePBX as well. Here’s a how to for Debians. 1) #nano  /etc/apache2/envvars 2) Add the following codes at the end. You will notice that there’s repeats, sometimes they are needed so keep them there twice. export ftp_proxy=
export http_proxy=
export FTP_PROXY=
export HTTP_PROXY= 3) #/etc/init.d/apache2 restart Where is the proxy server and 8080 is the proxy port, you can also insert an auth username like this for all instances above. http://username:[email protected]:8080


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    Try to use the Website instead. The amportal script should also work, but yeah, its more designed for/with apache in mind.

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