IE 7 Turns Green

Is Internet Explorer gonna’ throw up? Looks all green…

So you were browsing, ump, say and suddenly your browser address bar turned green, should i

1. Panic, close browser and format my computer
2. Read the certificate information on that address bar.

If you choose 1, good, you’re paranoid but that’s not the correct answer, the answer is, Internet Explorer now has turned out its new feature where certain websites with certain certificates (new ones) will display a green address bar on top like above (click image to view

These days, SSL certificates are easy to create and no one can guarantee the content of the people who purchase these certificates. Hopefully, with this new induction of new certificate IDENTIFICATION by IE, people will start trusting more on the sites that has been “verified”. But alas, there’s phishing attacks and script injections to knock even those out of proportion.

Anyway, surf safe.