Increasing the maximum number of selectable fields in vTiger 6.0 report module

Image source: Just wanted to share this out for those who may have run into this problem where you couldn’t add more than 25 fields in the built-in report module of vTiger.

  • My configuration:
  • CentOS 6
  • vTiger community 6.X

Simply edit the file vtigercrm/layouts/vlayout/modules/Reports/resources/Edit2.js Locate the text maximumSelectionSize and change from 25 to whatever you need, this particular config below was from a client that needed more than 200 fields in their reports. image That should be it, just reload the reports page and voila! more than 25 (ignore the text that says max 25 or change it if you want) Shoutout to our client that found the solution, Mr. Benjamin Lim and Mr Au Yong from CustomerConnect Malaysia, with their R&D deep into Google, we added this hack, thanks guys!