ISA 2008 Is In The Bakery

One of the products from Microsoft i truly like is Microsoft ISA Server. ISA has proven its strength and robustness and we personally run it at our office. It just runs, just runs well.

Since ISA 2004, I’ve been impressed, I’ve tried 2006 but haven’t tried 2008, i am participating in the TAP.

So what’s new in ISA 2006 (from ISA 2004)?

  • SharePoint Server Publishing Wizard.
  • Integrated support for Exchange 2007
  • Branch Office VPN Connectivity Wizard
  • Flood Resiliency
  • Enhanced remediation during attack
  • Single sign on (for Web)Support for LDAP authentication
  • Cross-Array Link Translation (worked on single ISA previously)
  • BITS caching
  • Web Publishing Load Balancing (free, free, free, you know how much these things cost?)
  • HTTP compression
  • Diffserv (Quality of Service)

I will try to get the new features of ISA 2008..stay tuned[From]
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