Limiting all or just outbound calls time using FreePBX

I found this link that explained how to set maximum time for ALL calls or just OUTBOUND calls using FreePBX. Thanks to this link/user: Go to FreePBX General Setting. You will find two Dialing Options: To set limits on ALL calls, modify the “Asterisk Dial…” box, to set time limit for Outbound calls, modify the “Asterisk Outbound Dial…” Here in my server/example, I am setting limit to 4 hours max and 3.9 hours to warning message before hanging up a call (forcefully). The values are L(14400000:14040000) Where L denotes the function Limit and the first value is for the max time and the second is the warning time in milliseconds (1 sec=1000 ms) image In the case above, I am only wishing to limit Outbound calls to 4 hours MAX.

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  1. if i set the first value to large number (more than 10000), no sound played. any idea?

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