Malaysian DVD Pirates Out To Kill Sniffer Dogs?

Funny article. Apparently, some bad-ass Malaysian DVD pirate ring wants to hunt down and kill 2 dogs, Lucky and Flo, apparently, sniffed out their stash of DVDs and caused those pirates RM3mil in losses. As its media worth, Malaysian govt will now beef up security around the two hounds.

My 2cents worth about piracy: Well, for movies, its good to have pirates, cause you get to “preview” entire movies. But, folks, come on, if you like it, buy original la…

Also, i think pirated DVD makers will face another, and even more furious problems, and that’s Bitorrent. With the release of Wimax licenses and growing internet facilities, people are gonna’ download movies and stuff right out of their Bitorrent client, for free!!

I hope those DVD pirates don’t go after Bram Cohen now..

Source: CNET , Malaysian Wimax License