Manage your AD – ADManagerPlus

ManageEngine has a product called ADManager plus. ADManager plus runs a self website and can run on your Windows based OS like XP, 2000(3). The free edition is limited to manage a single AD domain in a forest.
Here’s the list of features

  1. Delegate-able administration – You can give rights to your Help desk and Administrators separately
  2. It has a dashboard view of users reports, system reports and other customized reports.
  3. You can quickly search objects and edit them right from your browser.
  4. Bulk user and group management and operations (e.g. create/edit bulk users etc)
  5. Can manage certain Exchange related tasks and terminal services attributes.
  6. Reporting – A list of predefined reports and customizable reports

This tool simplifies management of AD without the need to program scripts. It is secure and runs on any browser and it does not need to reside on your Domain Controller, just configure the connection and have rights to connect.

You can view the demo here: or download free or trials at

Happy administrating 🙂