Microsoft Security Essentials 1.0 BETA vs. Kaspersky 2010

My colleague Henry asked to scan his USB he suspect a virus is lurking in there. I have both Kaspersky and MSE running in real-time. MSE detects and Kaspersky snoozed!. It was Win32/Vorus.CV Capture1 And MSE cleans it. I am confident with this product. Since it’s gonna be free, i am a full supporter and advocator of MSE. Use it try and have a trouble free computing environment. PS> Want a copy of MSE? I can give it to you but you have to write to me for with your email addy. Capture2


  1. Now that MSE is launched as free download, what is the verdict? As good as paid AV software? Are criticism from Norton justified?

  2. Hiya Velan,

    Long time no hear, hope you're well..

    I am personal believer in this product as there are many collaborative efforts from not only Microsoft but security orgs. Also, the product is lightweight, fast and most importantly free

    Of course, Norton will criticize, its their business being hurt..i know i would if i was in Norton's boat.

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