My Samsung & How To Disable ActiveSync From Buggin’ You

I just got meself a samsung i780, pretty nifty runs on Windows Mobile 6. I installed Activesync as usual to get things sorted out between the phone and the computer. I got pretty frustrated once i was unable to unload this darn thing (activesycn) off my memory. Each time activesync rounds up its business of synch-ing, it turns on my phone LCD and keep its on.

This is especially pretty frustrating when you just wanna charge the darn thing using USB. Each time Activesync runs, somewhat my Vista just freezes like its loading large fat apps like Photoshop and i gotta wait a couple of seconds before things regain consciousness again…Also, even if you kill wcescomm.exe it will keep coming back again, like ex-girlfriends and Prudential Insurance Agents. M$ didn’t include an exit or “do not load during startup” function. Of course you could use msconfig.exe to de-select it but it will pop right back up when an activesync device is plugged in.

So i was googling around and found this hack, it allows you to switch the crappy ActiveSync off and on. How cool, finally… Microsoft can’t rule the world (mobile edition)…give the control back to us!!!

ActiveSync Toggle: Checkit out: