One life ain’t enough? Try

Whilst browsing for stuff on, i bumped into one of the many links there that poses as an ad (and now appeared in a news) called SecondLife. I haven’t really signed on or registered but in essence it looks pretty darn cool, great idea this one.

So what is Secondlife?
Second Life is a 3-D virtual world entirely built and owned by its residents. Since opening to the public in 2003, it has grown explosively and today is inhabited by a total of 4,100,944 people from around the globe. It comes in English, Japanese, Korean and German at the moment. The currency is called Linden (so you transact in Linden dollars)

What can i do in it?
Unlike flat chat programs, Secondlife allows you to create virtual you-yourhome-yourlife and thereon meet people, do businesses and virtually anything you would do in this life of yours in the virtual world (now im considering to signup, for some non-sexual reason of course! :P)

Here people like you and i, can express our “lives” in a virtual space.

How do i get started?
Well, simply register, the first account or land you create is free, this is the basic membership. Subsequently, to create more lands, you need to pay a small fee ranging from USD6-9, fair enough :). By registering you get to own more lands and get weekly allowances @ Linden 200 (L$200) Once registered, you choose the way you look through an avatar (not too many choices tho). Then proceed to the on screen instructions. Then download a small 30MB plus client for Windows XP (may work with Vista), MacOS X and Linux i686 (Alpha)

So, i would suggest get right into the action by registering, click

Please note the client software requires high end video cards, something over 32MB normally should do, so please test it out and you MUST checkout their system requirements here

The downside is this website seem rather slow, when i tried to register, took me ages.

So if you bump into “highsecurity bing” thats me! Not sure what i will do now…

Oh, don’t forget to read the Community Standards – before you start to paint the town. 🙂