PDF and ECard Spam

Hi there, bet most of you are wondering why’s your mom (who’s perhaps computer illiterate btw) sends an e-greeting for an occasion that has nothing to do with you (e.g. Indonesia’s national day, today!). Well, the answer is simple, they’re just SCAMS!.

Recently, i’ve received and done some research on two types of spam that walked right pass my antispam goofy gateway protection and my local email client antispam protection. One comes as an e-greeting with an IP address with a link claiming origin of credible sources such as bluemountain.com. There’s also PDF documents that comes sailing smoothly through my (now what i believe to be a seriously goofy gateway product) antispam solution.

One quick way is to see the sender. If it’s unknown, don’t bother opening. If the links are dotted notations (IP addresses) don’t open. They are phishing scams!. As for the PDF, feel free to read em’ if you’ve got ridiculous time (like i have now writing this) but don’t click anything within these PDFs.

Be safe .

Happy weekend