Sending emails with streamyx (port 25 blocked by Streamyx)

TMNet’s Streamyx, as part of their antiflooding attempts of their service implements the blocking of port 25 which is commonly used for sending emails using SMTP for. As a streamyx user (non corporate/non fixed IP user), you may find this a nuisance especially if you use your office corporate email to send and receive emails.

So, what are our options here?
1. Use Streamyx’s SMTP.
Use the smtp server Make sure to provide authentication in the form of [email protected] and provide your streamyx broadband password. Be aware that the default streamyx password tmnet123 should be changed immediate at then use another complex password. When doing this, it will affect your streamyx login (when dialing into streamyx on your PC or router) as well as your email facilities and online billing facilities.

2. If you can, use SMTP on another port, e.g. port 20025. Most SMTP server is capable of adding a new port to an existing IP address or another IP address. Open up your corporate firewall for that port and change the port settings of your corporate email to the port you’ve specified in your corporate email server’s SMTP service.

3. Use VPN
Anything inside the VPN tunnel cannot be “seen” by filters like TMNet’s packet filters

4. Use webmail – no explaination needed here rite 😛

5. Change to different ISP (yea, like we’ve got heaps of choices, sigh)


  1. I read somewhere that corporate accounts aren’t affected. Then again, I guess a lot of businesses still didn’t sign up for Enterprise accounts! We have corporate account & can still use port 25 but my home account had to change a few weeks ago.

  2. I tried to do what is stated here and what recommended by TM and just cant seem to get the outgoing mail to work. Perhaps because I’m not in a TM (my house) domain (as what the helpline said to me).

    For instance, I use and uncheck my outgoing needs verification; or test it by checking. When I was in melbourne and at one hotel i needed to check whereas at another I did not need to. I do not understand.

    Then i go to the US and it wont work either way. I try also with both options check and ucheck outgoing mail needs authentication (neither works)

    I also try port 587 as suggested by TM, still dont work.

    No problems with receiving mail, just out going always has a problem, but this time, I cannot overcome.

    Anyone have anymore suggestions, please help.

  3. p…

    TM’s SMTP, will, unfortunately, lookout for their own IP sets i.e. you need to be using Streamyx or any TMNet products to use their SMTP aside authenticating (username/password) to their SMTP server.

    When you are in other ISP e.g. Aus, US, simply use back your original ISP’s smtp, cause the problem only lies with TMNet’s network.

    For example, i am but if i use that in a TMNet line it will not work but if i use, it will cause i am using Streamyx.

    But if i am in US, i would change my smtp back to

    cause..the issue is isolated to TMNet’s SMTP

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