Stirling- The fore front to Microsoft FOREFRONT

Its about time someone envisions something like this. Imagine, a centralized desktops and servers management platform, with anti-malware, email message protection, workstation access validation, centralized log correlation, personal firewall and what have you. It all spells ONE CONSOLE, ONE INTERFACE which equates SIMPLICITY. The key to any success, in my belief, at least.

Microsoft released a press statement of it’s upcoming security powerhouse, codename Stirling. In a Microsoft camp(people who use a lot of MS technologies) this would be a dream product to integrate almost all the security a company would need (including firewalls) under on hood. It would be easy for CIO and whomever to produce a single piece of report snap-shotting your company’s state of security and threat.

I am hoping to get involved in the TAP and work with Microsoft Malaysia on this. Till i get more information and product demos, stay tuned. This piece of product could potentially turn heads :)..kinky…