The three biggest threats of 2007 (and my 10cents worth to it)

According to PcWorld, these are the 3 most wanted criminals for Internet haywire (

1. Internet Explorer
2. Phishing
3. Malware

Comment on item 1:
Well, yea, that would be quite true, this is because, IE is the most used browser and therefore people looking for fame from exploiting it from all angles. I think, its a good thing, eventually, would make it more secured than any other browser. Oh, and to those who say Firefox is secured, erm, i don’t think so, there’s one zero day attack for Firefox unpatched until the date of this article.

Nonetheless, running IE 7 with protected mode enabled in Vista seem to be more secured according to the huge writeup from MS Website. To me, it offers lower priviledged object access and code execution but breaks some links and features of the world wide fun.

Bottom line, i like IE7, its feature rich and is fast. Firefox takes too darn long to load sometimes.

Comment on item 2:
Phishing is really fun to do especially if there are people who just don’t know how to differentiate between the good, the bad and the evil. Hopefully, IE7’s antiphishing feature and your add on products can help. Best is to be conscious of your actions.

Comment on item 3:
Oh well, that can never be off the top 3. . agree!!!