Vulnerability Watchdog

Ever wonder if there’s a single place to view what’s going on the blackhat market? E.g. What’s the top attacks, what sort of vulnerabilities are there in the world and more? Well, i bumped into this site, looks pretty good. Check out

Some of the reports consist:

  1. Top attacks
  2. Vulnerability risk index
  3. Top scanned service (what type of ports/protocols are being probed)
  4. Top threat sources by country
  5. Botnets (a collection of tools to automate computer attacks)
  6. Phishing (tricking/obfuscating information to make you reveal/expose sensitive info or just spin you off in a fake site)
  7. Global Activity Maps (this is the image above)
Hope you benefit from this.
PS> You don’t have to register, its a sales pitch 🙁