Want Faster Streamyx? (Choose a faster streamyx connection)

If you’re a Streamyx user like me (Streamyx is the xDSL service by TMNet) and face inconsistent performance with your link then you may want to try this little trick i discovered. This “trick” works with dynamic IP users only like myself. So, whenever you dial, you should get a live IP address from Streamyx. Normally, you would get the IP 60.x.x.x which is part of the IP chunk that TMnet bought. After several tests, i found that the IP 60.x is actually really much slower than the IP 218.x.x.x, also, IP range given to TMNet. You may get the IP 219.x.x.x which is also as slow as the 60.x.x.x IP set, in fact, 219, seem slower than all three!!!.

So, redial until you get 218.x.x.x. and see your streamyx fly 🙂

NOTE: My tests didn’t see improvement in Torrent networks though, it made a huge difference with WWW from America (particularly) and its because the routing path is much lesser than that of the 60.x and 219.x….

So seize the opportunity before even this IP gets “clogged” too.

Happy surfin’