Windows Live Messenger: Upgrade or die! – Ripped off freedom?

I tried signing on to MSN after a long while keeping this bloated crapware inside hibernation. I normally use Pidgin, an open source all-in-one messenger software which is super fast by the way.

Not only this piece of bloatware take ages to download and install, when it runs it takes up 40-50MB of memory almost beating the also very bloated Adobe Photoshop’s 70M fresh startup memory use.

This is pretty much the message that Microsoft tells it’s Windows Live Messenger users. Upgrade or can’t use this anymore. This is very very scarry, imagine what else they can do. It’s quite sad how they’ve come to this..I feel bad for the true products of quality such as Exchange, ISA server and Notepad.exe which by the way are the finest of their types :), tarnished by such threat and intimidation from an insignificant-ware.

If there was an important update, let people know, advice them and encourage them and run a popup every 3 minutes if needed. But not this! This is tearing us of our freedom to choose and decide. Its a felon!.
Fffff of Live Messenger, i’m sticking to Pidgin ( you will neva’ look back..
Oh by the way, the new “upgrade” is approximately 134MB…yes that’s right, they install a truckload of more garbage onto our PCs!