CurrPorts – A must have program in your support thumbdrive

Ever wanted to check what ports is a particular program listening on? Well, if you run Windows, there’s an awesome tool called CurrPorts which has been around for sometime now. I used it this morning, and still loving it.

Windows itself can do a little to enumerate processes to ports but it’s on CLI for now, i.e. NO GUI (i’m a GUI addict, i mean, why make things complicated right?)

Why i love CurrPorts?

  1. I can checkout what program is listening, communicating and responding to which port(s) including UDP ports. Double clicking the process will enlist all necessary information about that process/ports/application
  2. I can KILL programs, more hardcore then “END TASK” from Windows.
  3. I can run this to analyze application behaviors
  4. Its free and there’s no crappy INSTALLERS, just run LAH!
  5. Runs on Vista (used to like ActivePorts, but it doesn’t support Vista 🙁

This was my swiss army knife even these days when looking for worms/trojans especially when my faithful antivirus have no clue on what’s going on. I just run Currports, terminate the lights off those bugs. Check out CurrPorts. Get it here.