Why banks in Malaysia chose Astiosdialer for their collection and recovery business?

Business Requirements

In a bid to enhance efficiency, a top Malaysian bank looked to adopt an autodialer solution for its collection and recovery team. Starting with 50 agents and eyeing expansion to 140+, the bank harbored concerns about the potential costs. Specifically, they worried about expenses tied to implementation, integration, licensing, and ongoing support.

Challenges Highlighted

  1. A notable volume of manual tasks, which impacts operational efficiency and effectiveness.
  2. Lack of visibility into the daily performance of the collections and recovery teams.
  3. Absence of important reports that is required by senior management.
  4. Vendor lock-in, potentially leading to elevated costs for both current and future customization needs.
  5. Limited availability of local expertise and a significant reliance on the product principal for handling intricate integration demands and providing level 2 support.

Solution Deployed

The Astiosdialer solution, a blend of open-source software and third-party perpetual license software, was successfully deployed. Engineered with a scalable architecture, it empowers the bank to accommodate up to 200 agents. Its robust design ensures high availability, incorporating disaster recovery measures and a pre-staging/UAT environment for enhanced operational continuity and resilience.

Strategic Implementation

During the implementation process of Astiosdialer, the following key activities were carried out:

  1. A controlled environment exercise was executed to demonstrate Astiosdialer’s capabilities, particularly in automating manual tasks.
  2. Within this controlled environment, integrations, customizations, real-time dashboards, and reporting were configured to showcase live results, illustrating Astiosdialer’s efficacy in the bank’s day-to-day operations.
  3. The workflow envisioned by the bank was incorporated into the Astiosdialer setup.
  4. Industry best practices were implemented for utilizing the dialer, encompassing predictive, preview, and manual dialing modes.
  5. The entire setup was seamlessly migrated into the production environment.
  6. Level 1 and level 2 administrative and support training sessions were conducted to empower the bank’s employees with the necessary skills to manage and maintain the Astiosdialer system.
  7. Extensive user training sessions were conducted to ensure that all staff members were proficient in utilising Astiosdialer effectively

Benefits to the Bank

  1. Substantial cost savings of up to 80% on licensing expenses.
  2. Streamlined onboarding process for both administrators and agents, ensuring rapid deployment and minimal disruption.
  3. Immediate visibility into the performance of the collection and recovery teams, enabling proactive management and optimization.
  4. Remarkable productivity gains of up to 300%, enhancing operational efficiency.
  5. Flexibility to reassign agents to areas requiring immediate attention, optimizing resource allocation.
  6. Easy access to comprehensive performance metric reports, facilitating informed decision-making.
  7. Enhanced customer experience resulting from the efficient workflow design and implementation, leading to improved satisfaction levels.


Modern customers no longer rely solely on sponsored product ratings when making purchasing decisions. Savvy consumers now consider various factors such as overall effectiveness, product lifespan, adaptability to future needs, customisation options, integration capabilities, support services, and the total cost of ownership.


Astiosdialer stands out as a versatile platform that blends open-source components with third-party software. Developed, customized, and supported by local engineers and developers, it offers customers the flexibility to tailor Astiosdialer to meet their specific needs. This approach not only leads to cost savings but also empowers customers to self-manage Astiosdialer independently, reducing reliance on vendors